KnowKnits was started in a small NYC apartment in 2005. Soon after, the GoKnit bags started showing up at trade shows and in 2007 was positively reviewed by Clara Parkes for Knitter’s Review. The simple drawstring style bag with its unique snap
loops, quickly set the GoKnit Bag apart from all others and its popularity
continues to this day.  

Most of us have travelled on an unmapped road to end up where we are in the craft community. My own journey included being a knitter for decades, various positions in the human service field and eventually owning a yarn store.  A few years into owning the store I wanted to offer the GoKnit bags only to find out the company, KnowKnits, was closing. In 2016 I had the opportunity to purchase KnowKnits from the original owner and am proud to continue offering GoKnit Bags for crafters.  

The colorful ripstop fabric bags are not only water resistant and machine washable but are incredibly lightweight. The GoKnit Bags make it easy to knit and crochet through all life’s adventures.